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We're all about story here at RogersReel Productions. We love a good story, and we love finding the best way to communicate the story of our clients to the world at large. We understand how important and sacred each client's story is, and so we strive to keep you involved in the process from beginning to end, so we can keep your excitement level high, and your anxiety level low.  We find that makes for happy, healthy clients. 


We've been creating content in Orange County and Los Angeles since 2004, and have worked for all different kinds of companies and clients during that time. We've done local and national commercial spots, training videos, travelogs, electronic press kits, staff meetings, awards dinners, church services, drone videoography, and real estate listing videos.

It's important to establish realistic expectations regarding pricing, so we like to talk about that right up front so that you don't get any "surprises" down the road. We will make every effort to keep things reasonable and based on fair-market prices.

Well that's it for now. Everything else we should probably talk via email, phone, or (gasp) in person. Thanks for checking us out! We're truly honored that you're here. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information or to request a quote please contact us at:


Phone: (949) 295-2684

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